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The value we bring

We take our time to delicately craft your story through the lenses of creativity, uniqueness, and process. Video has come a long way since the days of our parents. Uncle Rick isn’t just set up the tripod while your grandmother's best friend plays the piano. We make every video distinctive to you as a couple. 


We take the opportunity to get to know each of our clients. Working with you to capture the intimate bond you share, we document your authentic love and emotion on your wedding day. We understand the time and planning you’ve devoted for this day to come. It's finally here. Relax and enjoy every moment, as we make your love story the center of our day. 


Our goal is simple: we don’t want you to just watch your wedding film; we want you to relive it. We want you to watch your film a million times, getting goosebumps each time you watch as if it were the first. You and your partner have hundreds of memories together. Let us capture your first moments as a married couple in a way you will be proud to show off. We want to give them the best story possible. Your story.

The Preview


• One filmmaker

• 8 hour coverage (Typically  enough coverage to include Getting Ready, Ceremony, Photo Session & Reception)

• 5-6 minute highlight film


The Short


• Two filmmaker

• 10 hour coverage (Typically  enough coverage to include Getting Ready, Ceremony, Photo Session & Reception)

• 7-8 minute highlight film

• Additional reception events

  (Additional first dances, cake   cutting, grand entrance/exit,   etc.) 


All packages include

  • Free Drone Footage *

*Not all places allow drones and not all weather is ideal for it. This is why we can't guarantee it, but if we can, we'll do it!

  • Instagram short

  • Full ceremony with high-quality audio

  • Full speeches with high-quality audio

  • First dance

  • Free travel within 30 miles of Detroit, MI​


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(for if you want a little extra)

Our packages range in scope for couples with different expectations! You can upgrade your package at any time. But you can also have add-ons to create your perfect package!

  • Additional hours - $150/hr

  • Additional Videographer - $400

  • All Additional Reception Clips - $150

    • Any and all planned events such as the cake cutting, first dance, grand entrance, parents dance, etc. These are standalone clips like the ceremony, with synced audio. 

  • Guest Interview Booth - $250

    • During cocktail hour and/or reception, we’ll set up a camera and microphone and guests can walk up and leave you a video message! You will receive a simple reel of all of these messages!

  • Dance Reel - $350

    • We’ll create a separate film of all of your guest's best dance moves! Making sure to include at least 1 shot of every person that we capture dancing. Edited tightly to music and fun to watch.

  • RAW Footage - $300

    • We’ll consolidate all of the raw footage, clean it up a bit and removed any bits where the camera is shaking around and organize it for you if you like to just watch the raw stuff.

  • Film Reception - $1,000

    • Full reception in as a separate film a la cart.

  • Teaser Trailer - $200

    • A 30-60 second highlight trailer. 

  • Add Dialog audio to music only highlight film - $200

We LOVE to travel for weddings! We do destination weddings as well! Please reach out for custom quotes!

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